viernes, noviembre 28, 2008

sábado, septiembre 13, 2008

hi peeps - the school year is shaping up really nicely and I'm planning all kinds of awesomeness/insanity for the fall!

in the next month, I'm going to see cake and dr. dog and les ballets trockadero (yes, those are men in tutus), and then I'm going to NYC for a 1 day conference and much museum viewing (I've never been to the guggenheim!!!!!)

stay tuned, I'm going to ROCK & RULE this fall!!!!!


YUM!!! and YEAH!!!!

hooray for $$$! yesterday was payday, so I ate out at the first restaurant I passed - wow!!!!! omg!!! and other superlatives!!! mmmm, I had duck :D holy shit, it was SO good! come to troy and eat there!!!!

meanwhile, the other awesome thing I 've found out here can be accessed by yourselves the world over on your inter-web. it's a radio station that is independent or something. anyway, they somehow manage to play all awesome music only! it's cool!


sábado, septiembre 06, 2008

hi peeps-

after a ton of set up work, I began teaching my new 4th grade class this week... they seem like a good bunch, lots of them are sweet kids who know how to listen and have fun while working. I've even got one genius! (well she's pretty advanced for her age, anyway.) now we just have to see what happens once they're off their best behavior!

as for the staff, there's a few really terrific people who have been most helpful, and then your usual mix. (nuff said!) but I'm looking forward to working with the good eggs.

I'm looking at activities for this fall, and I've got my eye on several concerts - this seems like a good region for it! so check in and find out all the fab stuff I'm doing!


miércoles, agosto 06, 2008


yeah, folks, I got hired today! I'm going to teach spanish to elementary kids!!! this job is right up my alley, plus the principal seems super-cool :) I'm psyched to start the school year!

also ny pays better than mi, so I can afford to keep up this high-quality blogging! uh.....

anyway, hurray for me!!!

lunes, agosto 04, 2008

1st interview: pray for me, peeps

I had an interview this morning for a teaching position, I think it went very well! I was up against a 7-person panel, but I felt I handled myself well and made some good points... wish me luck :)

otherwise, I'm still doing all those little errands that are so necessary when moving into a place. I'm looking forward to when I'll be more focused on my social life ( like, tomorrow!). I'm going to meet up this Sunday with a childhood friend of Ximena's who happens to live nearby. she's going to have a get-together for several ppl, should be fun. I'm going to start looking into local activities, convo groups, etc and get some kind of a life started.... can't watch movies from the lib forever! maria says hi.


lunes, julio 28, 2008


omg, omg, I slept & slepted yesterday! maria & I were sprawled out all over each other, drooling and snoring in turn... not 1, not 2, no: 3 times yesterday!!!

but ppls, we deserved it! we moved last week and the unpack is... over! I've also been starting on that looooong list of to-dos that must be doed when you move from state to state. but never fear, because my roommate is helping me to get settled in and find the DMV, etc (and etc)....

so, someday, I'll catch up entirely on sleep and you ppls will get a real post from me on how awesome NY is! until then....

well, you can pick your friends... etc. discuss amongst yourselves.


miércoles, julio 16, 2008

three more days!!!

the things I will miss about Detroit:

-all of my friends
-some of my family
-Tigers games
-Detroit Zoo
-DIA & Cranbrook Art Museum
-Bastone & Fiddleheads
-Holiday Market

......that's about it!! ;)